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Welcome to the VT. I, Ragavin Coridon, created this site in 1999 for my gaming group to keep keep track of their chracters, campaign progress, and custom equipment. Since then the site has expanded to take in custom everything, our creations, and other peoples. A large part of the VT is outside input. If you have any ideas be sure to submit them in the portal section.
This is the 4th incarnation of the VT, and the largest, most advanced to date.
With that out of the way, enjoy.


I know its a dumb idea but I couldn't resist. Yes, if you haven't noted I have officially changed out mascot over to the 'Min/Max Monkey'.
Also, I have the donations link up and going, any donation, however small, would be much appreciated. Thanks all, and see you next update!

-Ragavin T. Coridon, Webmaster


Hey all,
Just made a few quick changes today, the biggest one was the changing of 'Prestiege' to 'Prestige'. My bad. Thanks to all of you that corrected me on that one.
In other news I'm considering a few things for the site: Firstly, I'm considering making a 'donations' page where one would be able to send me small donations to keep the site running at its peak.
Secondly, on a related note, I'm considering upgrading to the 'premium' account, what does this mean for you? Faster updates, cooler stuff, and no banner ads! Huzzah! But I need to know if anyone would want be willing to donate if I put up a link? So please write to me with the following information:

1) Would you be willing to donate to the site?
2) What do you think of PayPal? Do you prefer other services instead?

Send that info to webmaster@lord-dragonrider.iwarp.com. Thanks a bunch, until the next update, goodbye!

-Ragavin T. Coridon, Webmaster



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     Site Updates:
  • Added new quotes to 'Heh, cool'
  • Added explanation of death's to 'Quests'
  • Added the rest of 'The Artificial Adventure' to Quest
  • Converted all logos over to the Min/Max monkey scheme.
  • Added donations link to all pages.
  • Changed all spelling of 'prestiege' to 'prestige
  • Made the voting link target a new window
  • Added 'News' bar to the main page
  • Changed 'Ethics in Gaming to a link at Mr. Hickman's request
  • Complete site restructure
  • Reworked 'Dragoon' prestiege class
  • Added NPC Gen to Files
  • Added EBoN to Files
  • Added 'A Christian Response to D&D' to Articles
  • Added Bug report to main page
  • Found and added more letters to 'Hell'
  • Added new pic to the Ralthos image gallery
  • Added alternate volume rules
  • Added new quotes to 'Heh Cool'
  • New section. 'Abilities'
  • Added 'The Great Shout' to abilties
  • Added 'The Mind Shout' to abilities
  • Added 'Ethics in Gaming' article to 'Hell'